Everyone entering Italy must have a valid passport unless he/she is a citizen of a European Union Country, in which case a national identity card will be sufficient. Visas are required for citizens of some countries. Conference attendees should check their requirement based on the passport-issuing country by visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation website (see the link below):

Should you require a letter of invitation to support a visa application, we will gladly provide the letter to anyone who has submitted and has had her/his paper accepted for the conference or has paid her/his conference registration fee. To obtain your letter of invitation please email providing the following information:

• Complete name (as it appears in your Passport),

• Date of Birth,

• Passport number,

• Affiliation & mailing address,

• Phone number,

• Dates of travel to Italy,

• Title of your accepted paper.

The mail subject must be "Visa Letter ESMC 2018".